School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Team is our Leadership Team made up of elected members from each department (core and elective), support staff (guidance counselor, media specialist, and lead teacher), administrators, a classified staff member, and one parent representative.  We work together to plan and make decisions regarding academic and business items with the goal of improving every aspect of our school from organization to instruction.  

The SIT team writes a school improvement plan specific to each school year with specific goals and strategies to address the needs for improvement as identified by the staff, student data, and other resources.  The improvement plan is revisited through the year and is updated as we work towards meeting these goals.  

The finalized 2020-2021 School Improvement Plan is posted below.  Please contact Principal Dr. Bruce Carroll  with any questions regarding the School Improvement Team or School Improvement Plan.  
2020-2021 School Improvement Team Members:  

Fran Slone   

Marti Langholz  

Lynne Jones   

Jade Tolles   

Cassie Keiffer  

Shannon Moser 

Dina Fletcher   

Carla Osborne 

Bruce Carroll   

Melanie Cronin  

Penny Thames  

Jessie Hanes  

Lauren Stepp   

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Exceptional Children
Media Specialist
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Lead Teacher